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NAB Ad Innovation Lab: Musical Chairs - The Future of Addressable Media

  • Encore Las Vegas

The leading experts in addressable media have been playing a virtual game of musical chairs at a time when the market is gathering steam and scale for addressable media is peaking. What does it mean when executives from MODI Media, Publicis, Rentrak and DISH all go out to start their own to build addressable businesses? Is this the decline of the holding company or right people, right time, right place?

Apr 5

4A's Transformation 2017 - Looking ahead 100 years

Visionaries, business leaders, media mavens, gatecrashers, data geeks, tech stars and marketing mavericks will be at Transformation to discuss...

Storytelling, AI, VR, the news business, agency models, transparency, talent, winning strategies and more.

Mar 22

MediaPost: The Future of Television Buying

Take part in MediaPost’s TV Insider Summit to see Tracey Scheppach participate in the discussion, “The Future of Television Buying”.

MediaPost’s: The Future of Television Buying:
The explosion in the digital video market and the infusion of new data, buying methods and addressable channels into traditional TV have put these two worlds on a collision course.

For more information, visit MediaPost.com/TVInsiderSummit.

To watch presentation, visit https://www.ustream.tv/recorded/101211271

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VoiceAmerica Business Channel: The Tech Cat Show

Tune into The Tech Cat show to hear Lori H. Schwartz interview Matter More Co-founder, Tracey Scheppach. (NOTE: The podcast begins at 1:00 p.m. PT on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel)

"The Tech Cat show gives you the vital information that you need to stay ahead of the curve in technology as it relates to consumers and trends in marketing, entertainment and ‘business to consumer’ opportunities.” 

For more information, visit The Tech Cat show.