Sinclair-Tribune Combo Could Create Future Addressable TV Giant

“It’s a watershed moment for television because it gives Sinclair now national scale and adds some really great markets to an existing footprint,” said Tracey Scheppach, chief executive officer and co-founder of Matter More Media and former media agency executive.

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Wall Street Journal: Sinclair-Tribune Combo Could Create Future Addressable TV Giant


CES 2017: The Stage is Set for Speed

Medialink in collaboration with Tracey Scheppach, Matter More Media, LLC

"This was certainly not a year of disruption. A lot of the gadgets, devices and screens on display at CES 2017 were merely updated versions of last year’s innovation. What was very clear, however, is that baseline technology is well established and widely distributed. Artificial intelligence is quickly getting smarter. And people are demanding more intuitive and responsive tech at home, at work and in between. It all adds up to some powerful potential for acceleration as we head into 2017."

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